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This stone mantel surround is a necessity for every style home! The detailing on this piece is unlike any other you have ever seen on the market! The captivating allure of this fireplace mantel surround will truly fascinate your guests. Our handcrafted fireplaces are naturally beautiful and come in a range from traditional to more modern designs.

cast limestone fireplace mantel, mantel will be made to fit your firbox opening

Production time 3-6 weeks

Hearth Is not included 

Price is for standerd firebox opening - up to 42'' wide x 28'' H

F 20 model cast limestone fireplace mantel

4-6 weeks production time
  • Stone fireplace mantel will be custom made to fit your firebox

    Price shown is up to 42'' wide opening


  • Made to order, no returns

    Stone mantel surround production time 4-6 weeks

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