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Perks of a Limestone Fireplace

Limestone fireplace is the centerpiece of a living room. Fireplaces add a cozy luxury to your living room. And because the fireplace can set the whole mood of the room, it becomes really difficult to choose a fireplace that will do justice to the room. Fireplaces are mostly made up of stones marble or limestone.

Here are some benefits of a limestone fireplace you must consider.


When building a fireplace for your living room, the cost is a critical factor in deciding which material to choose. Limestone is a natural resource abundantly available. It is relatively cheaper than marble. So if you’re looking for a fireplace that is elegant as well inexpensive, you should go for limestone.


One of the most important features of limestone that makes it an ideal candidate for fireplace material is durability. A limestone fireplace can last for many years. It is durable and doesn’t get dented, scratched or broken easily. Its fire-resistant property makes it an ideal choice for the fireplace.

Great aesthetics

Limestone is softer as compared to other materials used to make fireplaces. Carvings on limestone are easy to do and the small details are much easier to see. In fact, you can look up one of the DIY limestone carvings and do one yourself. This quality allows you to make any detailed texture on your fireplace and make your living room look alive and warm.

Popular choice

Limestone is a popular choice worldwide for building a fireplace. There are many reasons for that. It is cheap, perfect for craftsmanship and, can represent rustic, ornamental and modern designs. While designing a living room, it is easy to be baffled about how furniture, room color and the fireplace should complement each other. The limestone fireplace blends well with any type of furniture, hence making it a preferred material.

Easy to Maintain

It is easy to maintain the new look of your limestone fireplace for years. If you want to clean your limestone fireplace, all you need is a mild cleaning agent along with a little warm water.


The most important quality of the best fireplace material should be fire-resistance in case any stray sparks fly on to the hearth. Limestone is a fire-resistant material which gives it an edge over wood.


Limestone has an advantage over stone materials because of its softness. The comparatively softer limestone can be carved to make a variety of designs. Additionally, limestone comes in a variety of hues that range from light to dark tones, each of which can give it a different feel.

All in all, limestone is a good choice for fireplace due to its versatility, durability, fire-resistance and cost-effectiveness. Visit Southern Stone Crafters

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