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Limestone Fireplaces and Natural Stone Fireplace| Making the right choice for your Home

There are so many things to consider while choosing the material for the fireplace. These include the price, design and the overall feel one wants to get. Creating an ideal fireplace is not as simple as it sounds.

One of the major decisions involves choosing between limestone fireplaces and natural stone fireplace Out of natural stones, Cast Stone is one of the popular choices. Read on further to know the various pros and cons of using these two materials in your fireplaces.

Limestone: This is one of the highly versatile stones that can work a lot of different designs, styles and themes. However, it is reserved for subtle patterns. Limestone presents a natural, soft and warm look. Thus, it makes up for an elegant choice of understated rooms. Moreover, it also pairs well with the wood furniture.

Limestone material fireplaces are easy to clean and it lends a simple, nice and smooth feel. One can make it a little ornamental using an intricate carving detail. Limestone also assists in rendering a more rustic look. Using the stacked limestone can give the natural hand-crafted feel.

The best part of using limestone is that it is easy to maintain. Limestone is a naturally-absorbent stone. Fireplaces made from limestone additionally need a sealer for keeping them looking fresh and protected. These are also easy to clean using a little warm water and a neutral cleaning agent.

Limestone provides for high durability, versatility and is a comparatively low-cost option. However, it has a limited colour variety and a sealant must be used to protect from scratches and staining.

Cast Stone: Using the natural cast stone is the best if you seeking an elegant, sleek and sophisticated look. Cast Stone is characterised by a variety of high-contrast striations. Therefore, Cast Stone forms a bolder choice as compared to limestone.

Cast Stone has been extravagantly used in go-to places like palaces, and in making sculptures. Thus, it evokes a feeling of extravagance and affluence. However, Cast Stone is less versatile than limestone. One can get Cast Stone honed and polished for getting a changed look.

It is extremely easy to maintain Cast Stone. However, Cast Stone also requires being sealed for protecting it against acidic things and moisture.

Cast Stone is highly sturdy, eye-catching and offers a wide selection of colours. But it is more expensive than limestone and also needs to be sealed.

You can find out both limestone fireplaces and natural stone fireplace models and get assistance in creating an elegant fireplace in your home by visiting Southern Stone Crafters

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