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Choosing the Right Limestone Fireplaces for Your Home

Limestone fireplaces are one of the highly practical and appealing fireplaces present in the market. These are available in a wide range of colors as well as sizes. Apart from this, these fireplaces have better resistance than various other types of materials. Read on further in order to find out how one can choose the right limestone fireplaces for your home.

The love and preference for limestone fireplaces

The natural limestone slabs are made in unique shapes and make, depending on the method which is used to create them. Moreover, the appearance and the quality of the fireplace are dependent on the quantity of calcium carbonate used, and the constituent rock and the amount of the fossil present in the rock. There are various characteristics making the limestone fireplaces an ideal choice for use as decorative pieces.

A range of choices and versatility

One can choose fireplaces in various appealing shades like brown, cream grey, orange, red and black. In addition to this, limestone fireplaces are one of the ideal alternatives for granite and marble. Not only does the limestone resemble the marble stone in appearance, rather it can be designed intricately for sporting an elaborate look just like the other stone. Moreover, one achieves majestic look making your fireplace a focal point in the home.

The better part is that limestone fireplaces are less costly than marble and granite fireplaces. Thus, one has a classic look in the home with a sensible and more reasonable choice in terms of budget.

Limestone is also a highly versatile choice, which would complement most of the design schemes in a home. There is a range for limestone fireplaces which do not have a chimney, these include solid fuel, gas, and electric fire based limestone fireplaces, which are like a timeless stylish choice.

The use of limestone fireplaces can enhance the look of a room and also function as a strong feature in the home. One has to determine the fuel type which is the most suitable, the hearth and chimney requirements, and also the budget in order to make the most suitable choice of a limestone fireplace in one’s home.

You may reach out to Southern Stone Crafters in order to find out more about the right limestone fireplaces for your home at reasonable prices.

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