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5 Important Tips on Keeping a Limestone Fireplace Clean - Southern Stone Crafters

A house of a person is supposed to have all the necessary facilities that are required in their day to day proceedings. The fireplace makes up for a significant place in every house, especially in colder countries. The fireplace allows for the effective heating of the house allowing for effective temperature maintenance. In the modern era, the house does not just make up for the residing place and shelter but these are also expected to be beautiful and represent a person’s sense of style. Limestone fireplaces make up for the modern designed and styled fireplaces which do not just do the job of heating the house but these limestone fireplaces also add to the aesthetics of the house.

Following are five important tips about keeping the limestone fireplace clean:-

Cleaning with a cotton swab: - Limestone fireplace

does need to be cleansed every now and then. The simplest way to do it is is to clean it with a cotton swab. Choosing the right fabric for the cleansing of the limestone fireplace is a must. As the fireplaces are usually and quite naturally covered with soot everywhere around, the cotton swabs make up for the best fabric for the cleansing of the limestone fireplace.

The exact cleaning product: - A lot many cleaning products and solutions are available in the market that can help one clean the limestone fireplace but only the best should be chosen for oneself. Effective cleansing comes as the result of the quick and the deep action of the cleansing product. Acid based cleansers should be avoided as they will cause the limestone to corrode over a long period fuse.

Sealing the limestone: - Sealing the limestone is the best way to protect your limestone fireplace from any future stains. Hence, one should consider opting for a sealer for the limestone fireplace.

Stain removers: - One should alkaline stain removers that will help remove the stubborn stains around the limestone fireplaces. This will also help avoid corrosion of limestone.

Avoid harmful cleaners: - Ammonia, bleach. Vinegar and all such cleaners that might prove harmful for the limestone should be strictly avoided.

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